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sweet like nothing at all

though i bury you, you elevate me

i only care for daring vaudeville
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Hello. I'm Sarah. I like reading books, walking on cold & bright mornings, complaining about things, Simon & Garfunkel, and probably some other stuff too.

Although possibly not. My cheery disposition is actually an elaborate front for being a complete misanthrope.

My overwhelming wish in life is to go back and live in the 1940s when everyone dressed in nice suits and dresses and people didn't suck quite so much. If the TARDIS ever shows up on my doorstep I'll be gone like a shot. Having said that I think my feminist and socialist tendencies might things problematic. Still, at least the outfits would be good.

I write for the following sites:

Co-editor for Women's Views on News a not-for-profit news and current affairs source for issues about and affecting women.

Reviewer for Judging Covers, an excellent book review blog aimed at women.

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